• J I V A N A


  • Yoga of Artivism

    Liberate yourself through art and activism

    J I V A N A


    Author-Artivist: Priestess: Superheroine

    Calling all those that seek to serve.


    My mission is to guide and support your journey as you tap into your inner artivist in service of our beautiful world.


  • Artivism is about Movement

    A movement to transform our world starts with you

    Artivism as a Spiritual Path

    Your life is Art #URArt

    If you are here, you...

    a) want to change the world

    b) might be bored with the spiritual paths you have already taken

    c) probably don't need spirituality 101

    d) want to engage in more art and dancing and action and

    e) might want to come to Costa Rica to study one day.


    I am a spiritual guide for all those who have an inner-artist they want to unleash, artists and aspiring artists (writers, dancers, musicians, painters, production, ravers) and all the seekers that might want a little more exotic, magic, faerie, femme, or party on their path. Yes I help people party more consciously too.


    My style is fun, silly, open, accepting and teaches you how:

    • to live with yourself in a more loving way
    • to live with more intention
    • to live a more eco-conscious, socially aware, and active existence
    • to feel like you are living with more purpose
    • to use your art for artivism (art activism) so we can create the change we wish to see in the world.


    With the right intention, art/artivism itself is a spiritual path.

    The destination is the path

    Customized Costa Rican retreats

    Costa Rica transformed my life, and I am now ecstatic to share Her with you. I have access to very special properties ranging from permacultural eco-villages, exclusive yoga retreats, a countryside private resort, and an architectural beachfront masterpiece. It depends on what kind of experience you desire but, Costa Rica will transform you -- join me here.


    Retreats can be arranged for 3 up to 40 people.


    Contact me or sign up for my newsletter to find out about upcoming retreat dates or specific retreat offerings.


    Priestess-Yogini Services

    Women's Circles. Sacred Journeys. Crossing Over.

    A servant to the seeking, bleeding, dying, and all those just awakening.

    My services include:

    • Artivist Superhero/ine training (we are all superheroes!)
    • Living with Nature series
    • Yoga, Tantra, Dance classes (including hoop dancing!)
    • Sensual realm movement facilitation (for women)
    • Moon Circles, Ceremonies, and services (for ladies 16+)
    • Sacred Journeys (including end of life)
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    You + this journey = shining awesome superhero/ine artivist.

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