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Artivism as a Spiritual Path


If you are on my website, you probably...

a) want to change the world

b) might be bored with the spiritual paths you have already taken

c) probably don't need spirituality 101

d) want to engage in more art, dancing, action

e) like some woo woo but also like to be grounded

f) might want to come to Costa Rica to study one day.

I am undefiniable, as you probably are as well. I am "allowed" to consider myself a teacher and so to be simple, I'll use that term more often than not. What I really consider myself more as is a spiritual guide. Like Ram Dass says "We're all just walking each other home."

My passion for teaching is for all those who want to serve the Earth / have an inner-artist they want to unleash, or those that already are in that space and want or need the more exotic, magick, faerie, femme, or even party on their path.

My style is fun, silly, open, and accepting. I teach how:

  • to live with yourself in a more loving way
  • to live with more intention
  • to live a more eco-conscious, socially aware, and active existence
  • to find ways to explore your purpose
  • to use your art for artivism (art activism) so we can create the change we wish to see in the world.

With the right intention, artivism itself is a spiritual path.

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