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For Self-Love, Transformation, and Serving the World

Yoga is about meditation. Out of the 155 Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali, only 3 address asana/ postures. Cultivating awareness and practices to use the breath consciously can help us clean our minds for better meditation. This helps us see the thoughts behind the thoughts to identify destructive self-talk that manifests as patterns that do not serve our higher purpose. Overtime we learn to use the breath to help focus the mind, slow the thoughts, so we are able to witness the clarity of a less cluttered mind and have the chance to recognize "The Witness".

Start with Breath

Before we can tackle the world or even have meaningful relationships, we must build the battery of our being. Breathwork can burn through the walls we have put up around our hearts where our true power lies. It is then by bolstering the EM power of the heart that we will magnetize our higher purpose and the people that will support us on our journey. Want to see a video of *my* teacher, Psalm Isadora doing this as her modified "yes breath"? Watch her do it with hundreds of people here. I teach her teaching of Bhastrika as she origianally taught it to her students.

Open the heart

Then bless the body we have been taught to ignore. The hands are extensions of our hearts.

Transmuting frustration

Expressing yourself

Set Intentions

Non-direct Superheroism + Collaboartion

Energetic Alignment for Unblocked Flow

Although there are slight variations, these same tips can essentially be brought into the seated posture as well to "sit like a yogi" as well as savasana. To keep the spine straight, we tuck the tailbone, engage the core slightly, open the heart, tuck the chin just slightly to get extension in the back of the neck, and feel pulled from the top/crown of the head.

Spinal Flexibility


The Importance of PLAY

The Path is not Linear

We may come back to lessons again and again, though typically from a different perspective. All Change Starts with You is a quick tip guide. You must serve yourself first. You must change yourself first before you can give energy (you don't have) or inspire change in others.

A mythos for Eco-Warriors

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