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For Self-Love, Transformation, and Serving the World

Yoga is not soley physical exercise, it is a spiritual path and system. Out of the 155 Yoga Sutras by Pantanjali, only 3 address postures. Consider this a "starter kit" and know it is still a work in progress. Soon I will have a follow up blog post that will go more in-depth into what I teach. I developed this kit based on my own journey with yoga (that started in 2005). The tool box is a curated list of videos I made, with love, for you. The kit contains most of the fundamental teachings I have to offer. The concept covered in each video can be thought of as a tool, something you may find helpful in managing your life. In addition to this video series, please check out my YouTube channel for the "Fierce Fundamental" series, and read "All Change Starts with You", which is a quick tip guide on how to serve yourself so you can serve and inspire the world around you.

Start with Breath

Before we can tackle the world or even have meaningful relationships, we must build the battery of our being. By bolstering the EM power of the heart, we will have the opportunity for us to get clear on our higher purposes and magnetize the people that will support us on our journey.

The yogi "power breath", as I am calling it, is a technique I learned from my beloved teacher, Psalm Isadora. I teach it as she taught it to me, although you can watch her modernized version she called "yes breath".

Open the heart

Acceptance for transmuting frustration

A practice for expressing yourself with your voice

Intention Setting

Non-direct Superheroism + Collaboartion

Energetic Alignment for Unblocked Flow

Spinal Flexibility


The Importance of PLAY

The Path is not Linear

We may come back to lessons again and again, though typically from a different perspective.

A mythos for Eco-Warriors

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